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CFLUX-1 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System for long-term

deployment & unattended operation. NO Multiplexer needed!


Soil & net ecosystem CO2 flux chambers & sensors for use

Soil & Net Canopy CO2 Flux

Soil Solutions

Survey and Long-Term Solutions for Soil and Net Canopy CO2 Flux

Whether your research requires the high portability of one of our CO2 gas analyzers for fast and accurate survey measurement or an automated self-contained system for long-term deployment and unattended operation, PP Systems has your solution. Learn more about the multiple options available today!

CFLUX-1 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System

A dedicated, self-contained system for long-term deployment and unattended operation for measurement of soil respiration. Ideal for both spatial and temporal analysis.


With built-in CO2 & H2O infrared gas analyzers (IRGAs). No need for multiplexing chambers!

The CFLUX-1 Automated Soil CO2 Flux System is the latest innovation in a long line of trusted and tested technology for the measurement of soil respiration from PP Systems. Features that set the CFLUX-1 apart from other systems include:

Built-in CO2 & H2O Gas Analyzers

Experience accurate measurement and fast response times regardless of where each system is stationed and problems associated with long distances between chambers, analyzers and multiplexing devices are eliminated.

Large Hemispherical Chamber (2500 cm3)

The articulating chamber is ideal for automated soil measurements with repeatable placement and the power-efficient actuator and electronics will precisely control the opening and closing of the chamber at user-defined time intervals.

Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature

Measure soil moisture and soil temperature and record along with flux data.


Easily monitor remotely from your phone or computer. Connect to a local computer with a router and monitor from anywhere in the world.

Software & Data Analysis

View sensor data and information via a computer or mobile device.

Data Storage

Store data directly to a USB Flash Drive or external data logger.

EGM-5 Soil Respiration System

Measurement of Soil & Net Canopy CO2 Flux That Is Accurate, Rapid, Reliable, & Affordable

As versatile as it is portable, the EGM-5 Portable CO2 Gas Analyzer is fast becoming the go-to solution for rapid, accurate survey measurement of soil CO2 efflux at an affordable price.

Simply connect the SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber directly to the EGM-5 console and view your data in real time.

At the conclusion of each measurement sequence, the results are displayed on a high resolution, touch display with outstanding readability under high sunlight.

See how fast & easy survey measurements are with the EGM-5 Soil Respiration System

Additional environmental chambers & sensors to meet your soil measurement needs:

PP Systems offers a wide range of external environmental sensors & chambers for use with our CO2 gas analyzers enhancing measurement capability. Some work with our CIRAS-3 and TARGAS-1 Portable Photosynthesis Systems as well. Visit Environmental Sensors & Chambers to learn more.

Soil CO2 Efflux

The SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber with a built-in temperature sensor can be used with the EGM-5, TARGAS-1, and CIRAS-4 for easy, accurate, and rapid closed system measurement of soil CO2 efflux.

Dimensions: 150 mm (Height) x 100 mm (Diameter)

Optional collars (as shown in picture) are available from PP Systems for use with the SRC-2 chamber.

Soil CO2 flux
SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber

Net Canopy CO2 Flux

The CPY-5 Canopy Assimilation Chamber can be used with the EGM-5 and CIRAS-4 for closed system measurement of net canopy CO2 flux on low-lying vegetation.

Dimensions: 145 mm (Height) x 146 mm (Exposed Diameter)
Exposed Area: 167 cm2

It includes sensors for the measurement of air temperature and PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation).

CPY-5 Canopy Assimilation Chamber

Soil Temperature

Soil Moisture & Soil Temperature

Our rugged STP-2 Soil Temperature Probe can be used to measure soil temperature.  It is commonly used with our SRC-2 Soil Respiration Chamber.

Soil Temperature Range

Range: 0-50 oC
Accuracy: ± 0.3 oC at 25 oC
soil temperature probe
STP-2 Soil Temperature Probe

The HydraProbe (Stevens Water Monitoring Systems, Inc.) features a “dielectric impedance” measurement principle and it can be used with the EGM-5 for accurate measurement of soil moisture and soil temperature from a single probe.

Soil Moisture Range

– Dry – 100% of Saturation*
*Saturation of mineral soils depends on soil and typically occurs from 35 to 50 volumetric percent

Soil Temperature Range

Range: -10-55 oC
Accuracy: ± 0.3 oC at 25 oC
soil moisture and soil temperature
Stevens HydraProbe