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in water, monitoring station and lab as well as online toxicity monitoring

instruments using living organisms to detect toxins in real-time.

Chlorophyll fluorometers with algae classification for early detection

Water Quality

Algae Toximeter

PP Systems is the proud, authorized U.S. distributor for bbe Moldaenke

A leader in the industry, bbe Moldaenke GmbH has been developing and manufacturing instruments and software to assess and manage water quality for over 20 years. Their instruments are made for use in oceanography, limnology, drinking water monitoring, river dam monitoring, bathing water analysis, supervision of aquaculture systems, and environmental assessment.

In-Situ Spectrofluorometers


algae torch

Chlorophyll and cyanobacteria measurement: The quick-and-easy portable measuring instrument. Switch on, dip in, read off!
View the AlgaeTorch



Measurement of phytobenthos fluorescence: Unique – an in situ tool for the quick and easy measurement of phytobenthic concentrations
View BenthoTorch

FluoroProbe III


Yellow substances and automatic turbidity correction: The chlorophyll measuring instrument with algae class differentiation
View FluoroProbe III



Quick analysis of chlorophyll and phycocyanin: Depth-profile with a quick analysis of chlorophyll and unbound phycocyanin concentrations as well as algae classes
View PhycoProbe

Online Analyzers



Algae monitoring 24/7: Online detection of chlorophyll concentration, algae classes, and photosynthetic activity.
View the AlgaeOnlineAnalyzer



Continuous chlorophyll measurement: Distinction of green algae, blue-green algae (cyanobacteria), diatoms, and crytophytes in a flow-through chamber – simple, quick, and reliable
View AlgaeGuard



Online determination of algae classes and phycocyanin concentrations: Online determination of algae classes, chlorophyll and phycocyanin concentrations, and photosynthetic activity
View the PhycoSens

Laboratory Analyzers



Quick analysis in the laboratory: Determination of chlorophyll concentration, algae classes, and photosynthesis activity for scientific and routine analysis
View the AlgaeLabAnalyzer



Early warning system for detection of cyanobacteria and unbound phycocyanin: The release of biotoxins from harmful cyanobacteria is associated with the coincident release of the pigment phycocyanin.
View the PhycoLabAnalyzer

Toximeters & Biomonitors

FishToximeter II

Fish Toximeter II

The established system for the monitoring of water quality: Continuous analysis of fish behavioral patterns for the detection of toxins in water
View FishToximeter II

ToxProtect II

ToxProtect II

THE online instrument for drinking water protection: Quick and reliable detection of toxins in the water supply
View ToxProtect II

AlgaeToximeter II

AlgaeToximeter II

Online biomonitoring using green algae: An instrument for the fast and sensitive detection of toxic substances in water
View AlgaeToximeter II

DaphniaToximeter II

DaphTox Ii

Biomonitoring using daphnia: Sensitive detection of toxic substances in water via computer-assisted digital image analysis
DaphniaToximeter II