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Rapid A/Ci Curve Fitting Methods

Software packages publicly available for analyzing & fitting photosynthetic CO2 & light response curves

There are a number of free software resources available for CIRAS customers for analysis and fitting photosynthetic related curves on the web. Some software is designed for only gas exchange and some for both gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence. Some of these resources are highlighted below and we hope you find them useful. We highly suggest that users review all available resources and determine the best model to fit your data. If you discover a new model and would like to share it, we would be happy to post it here to support the scientific research community.

PP Systems does not endorse or take responsibility for any software that is made available publicly on the internet.

Fitting Models to Light Response Curves

Gas Exchange (Fitting the Farquhar, von Caemmerer and Berry (FvCB) Model

Gas Exchange and Chlorophyll Fluorescence

Miscellaneous Software Resources