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Lightning Warning System

Self-contained, easy-to-use professional lightning detection and warning system
Advanced warning of overhead thunderstorms and real-time warnings of distant lightning up to 22 miles (35 km) away
Specifically designed for sporting and leisure facilities as well as industrial sites and meteorological applications
Professional meteorological detection and warning algorithms
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BIRAS Lightning Warning Systems

BT-200 Lightning Warning System

The next generation of lightning detection and warning systems

Detects cloud-to-ground, intra-cloud, & cloud-to-cloud lightning

lightning warning system
  • Complete plug & play lightning warning system – easy to install
  • Fully automatic alarm triggering
  • Warns of the most dangerous (overhead) lightning risk even before the first lightning strike
  • Advanced auto self-test to ensure system operation
  • Accurate 22 mile (35 km) detection range
  • Highly intuitive software

The BTD-200 lightning warning system is a modular system designed to operate out-of-the-box and is expandable as requirements grow or change. Its proven technology is currently used at airports worldwide and by national meteorological organizations.

The lightning detector is placed outside and a PC located indoors runs the supplied Lightning Works software (LW).

View the lightning distance in real-time on a map of the local area while displaying the urgent lightning alarm level. The BTD-200 can be connected directly to an appropriately sized warning sounder if required.

The system includes a power supply. Optional cabling to connect to the power and the host PC is available.

Lightning Works Graphical Alarm Software

Included with the BTD-200 lightning warning system

  • Multi-user capability, with up to 5 simultaneous users 
  • User-adjustable map overlay showing lightning distance warning zones
  • Shows lightning warning state in real-time
  • Sensor health status display
  • System configuration window
  • Automatic data logging of lightning events

This comprehensive software package allows the user to configure the BTD-200 to meet their warning needs via user-adjustable warning zones. It displays the lightning location in real-time on a map of the local area and the current lightning alarm level simultaneously.

Lightning Works Messenger SMS/Email Warning Software

This software package is available as an option and integrates directly with Lightning Works.

  • Automatically send lightning warnings direct to users via SMS and email
  • Unlimited number of telephones can be contacted
  • Both warnings and alerts can be sent
  • Requires an internet text message provider contract to operate

Automatically generate and send warning messages via text and email to a list of pre-defined recipients. These warning messages can be sent to any number of recipients, including operations or site managers, those responsible for safety, or directly to affected staff working outside.

Instantly locate strikes with the Lightning Direction Finder

BTD 2oo Direction Finder

This hardware option easily connects to the main lightning detector located outside. It calculates the direction of all detected lightning flashes. This information is automatically plotted onto the map view within the Lightning Works software application showing the range and direction, allowing the user to track the path of the storm and monitor its severity —allowing timely warnings to be issued as well as the safe and quick resumption of activities after the storm has passed.

  • Monitor the actual lightning location in near real-time and see the track of the storm
  • The lightning flash locations are displayed accurately on the digital map
  • Track the path of the storm to aid decision making and the issuing of general alarms and the “all-clear”
Lightning Works Alert

About Lightning Detection and Warning Systems

The most reliable way of issuing a lightning warning is with a dedicated lightning detection system.  About 90% of thunderstorms are already producing lightning by the time they are within 12 miles (20 km). Your lightning warning system must provide adequate notice of an approaching storm.

10% of thunderstorms provide no warning.
The first flash will occur nearby or overhead, which is the most dangerous, which is why it is important to rely on products that detect more than lightning.

The ideal thunderstorm warning system…
The ideal system will give adequate warning before the storm moves overhead AND warn of the threat posed by the potential for overhead lighting before it has even begun. In both cases, advanced notice allows managers and operators of at-risk sites to alert staff, visitors, or players.

The thunderstorm detector must be able to alert for both distant lightning as well as the presence of a strong electric field at your location which is indicative of lightning developing overhead.



  • Lightning Detection – Cloud-to-cloud, cloud-to-ground, and intra-cloud lightning discharges
  • Thunderstorm activity for advanced warning of lightning – Charged precipitation and strong electric field
  • Lightning detection range – 35km (22miles)


  • Supply voltage – 9 to 30Vdc – Universal mains power adaptor supplied
  • Power consumption – Less than 5W


  • Shock and vibration – Land-based fixed installation
  • Weight – 4.3kg (9.5lbs) Sensor only


  • CE Certified
  • EMC compliance with EN61326-1:2013 Industrial immunity, domestic emissions
  • RoHS and WEEE compliant
  • Compliance with EN50536:2011+A1:2012 for a Class 1 detector
  • Performs in accordance with IEC 62793 for a Class A detector

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