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latest meteorological technology

PP Systems is the proud, authorized U.S. distributor for Gill Instruments & Biral

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Gill has over twenty years of experience in the field of ultrasonic airflow measurement and offers the most extensive range of ultrasonic wind speed and direction sensors on the market today. Rugged construction and the elimination of moving parts remove the need for routine maintenance, making Gill sensors ideal for operation in all environmental conditions.


Since 1975, Biral has been designing and making innovative products including advanced weather sensors covering precipitation, wind speed and direction, temperature, visibility and thunderstorm detection through to aerosol analyzers.

Weather Stations

weather stations

Weather stations enable you to measure multiple atmospheric parameters. We offer two ranges:

MaxiMet Weather Stations

Compact, integrated professional weather stations for general use
View MaxiMet® Range

MetConnect weather stations

Reference-grade professional weather stations with additional features for meteorological applications
View MetConnect Range

2-Axis Wind Sensors

gill 2-axis anemometers

2-axis anemometers are widely used for the measurement of wind speed and direction. We offer three ranges:

WindSonic 2-axis anemometer

Cost-effective, high-performance 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers

View WindSonic Range

WindUltra anemometer

Compact, lightweight high-performance ultrasonic 2-axis anemometers
View WindUltra Range

windobserver 2-axis anemometer

Precision 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers for demanding applications
View WindObserver Range

3-Axis Wind Sensors

3-axis wind sensors

3-axis anemometers are generally used for research and scientific applications. We offer two ranges:

3-axis wind sensor

High precision 3-axis wind sensors
View WindMaster Range

3-axis research wind sensors

3-axis wind sensors for scientific applications
View Research Range

Wind Displays

TFT Wind Display

Can be used wherever you need to visualize your critical measurement information on a dedicated instrument

observator TFT displays

The OMC-140 Multifunctional TFT Display | For presenting wind information or an indication of other meteorological parameters
View Wind Displays

Lightning Warning

Lightning Warning System

Advanced warning of overhead thunderstorms and real-time warnings of distant lightning up to 22 miles away


BT-200 Lightning Warning System | Self-contained, easy-to-use professional lightning detection and warning system
View BT-200