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CL-01 Chlorophyll Content Meter

Chlorophyll Content Measurement

The CL-01 Chlorophyll content meter provides a convenient, low-cost method of measuring the relative chlorophyll content of a leaf sample.

The field-portable, hand-held device determines relative chlorophyll content using dual-wavelength optical absorbance (620 and 940nm wavelength) measurements from leaf samples. Relative chlorophyll content is displayed in the range 0 – 2000 units.

Product Features

  • User-friendly, low cost chlorophyll content meter
  • Field portable, light-weight, robust design
  • Dual wavelength optical absorbance (620 and 940nm)
  • Chlorophyll content range : 0-2000 units
  • Simple 2 button keypad operation
  • Auto calibration and temperature compensation
  • 60 measurement memory capacity
  • No PC required