Celebrating over 35 years.
Quality Instrumentation for the Life Sciences

Since 1984, PP Systems has been supplying quality, rugged and reliable instrumentation to customers throughout the world for high-level research.  We are considered a world leader in the design and manufacture of instrumentation for measurement of photosynthesis, soil respiration, chlorophyll fluorescence, CO2/H2O gas analysis, and vegetation reflectance.  Our customers come from a wide variety of scientific disciplines including agronomy, horticulture, biology, botany, crop and soil sciences, forestry, ecology, meteorology, oceanography, and plant physiology to name a few.  Our equipment is in use in over 100 countries worldwide and well documented in many prestigious scientific publications.

History of PP Systems

PP Systems was originally set up in 1984 by Dr. Keith J. Parkinson, whose work on the measurement of photosynthesis at Rothamsted Experimental Station led to the development of one of the first portable photosynthesis systems ever produced. In 1993, an associated company was established in the United States to look after sales and support of all North American customers.  For over 30 years, we have developed into a small group of technical experts specializing in the design and manufacture of a wide range of scientific instrumentation including the popular CIRAS Portable Photosynthesis System, range of CO2 and H2O gas analyzers, vegetation, and remote sensing instrumentation.  Today, all business operations are handled through our U.S. headquarters which features comprehensive design and development facilities, including prototyping workshop, microprocessor development systems and CAD tools, service, production, and full calibration and testing capability. All instruments are produced to the highest standards that must meet strict quality control/assurance protocols established by management.  PP Systems is based in the Boston North Technology Park (BNTP) which is located in Amesbury, MA (USA) which is a short 40-minute drive from Boston.

Customer Support

Customer support is something that is very important to us and critical to the success of our business. All customers receive direct technical support from our U.S. headquarters as well as through an extensive network of factory trained distributors. As a small company, we are able to offer our customers the personal, professional attention that they deserve.  If you have an instrument in need of repair, please contact our service manager

In many cases, we are able to customize system hardware or software to meet specific user requirements. Another service we offer is the use of our facilities for the development and production of equipment. If you have an idea for an instrument, we can assist you in its realization.  All equipment manufactured by PP Systems is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of invoice against manufacturing faults and defective materials/components, parts and labor included. This guarantee does not cover misuse or damage caused due to unauthorized repair. We reserve the right to charge for customs clearance and return shipping/insurance if appropriate. For repairs beyond the warranty period, please contact us directly for advice.

In addition to our own manufactured products, our U.S. company is also the longtime, proud distributor for Hansatech Instruments, Gill Instruments and bbe Moldaenke.