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Latest photosynthesis and CO2 gas analysis technology, equipment and applications available

bbe Moldaenke Algae Torch Webinar

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BT-200 Lightning Warning

PP Systems is a now a proud distributor for Biral meteorological sensors.

automated diurnal patterns webinar

Learn how quick & easy it is along with Dr. Bunce’s best practices for long-duration, unattended operation in the field. REGISTER TODAY

oxygen electrode system for liquid-phase and gas-phase measurement

This low-cost oxygen electrode system is ideal for teaching & research environments.

online water toxicity monitoring

Check out the latest technology for rapid detection of harmful substances in water & water supply systems.

Be sure you’re ready to collect the best possible data.

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Rapid screening capability with single-button operation!

Presented by Dr. John Stix, Dr. Maarten de Moor & Jessica Salas. REGISTER TODAY!


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windmaster pro

Fast maximum data output rate of 32Hz comes standard.

CO2 gas analyzer

Easy to set up and use. Requires minimal maintenance.

Fish Toximeter

Real-time biomonitoring: Continuous analysis of fish behavior patterns for the detection of toxins in water.

Chlorophyll fluorimeter

This analyzer is ideal for rapid, large-scale screening of samples in the field or the greenhouse!

EGM-5 Soil Respiration System

The ideal solution for soil CO2 efflux, net canopy CO2 flux & more!


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Red, Green, & Blue: Misconceptions About the Photosynthetic Efficacy of Different Light Colors
Presented by Marc van Iersel, PhD

3-axis right-angled ultrasonic anemometer

WindMaster RA: Ideal for minimized mechanical influence in the vertical wind plane.

Leaflab 2+: Ideal for high-level lab research as well as teaching environments

Check out these solutions for wind speeds up to 201 mph!

Chlorolab 3 Plus

Chlorolab 3+ For the advanced study of respiration & photosynthesis from larger volume liquid samples (to 20ml)

What, Why & How: A/Ci?

2:00 PM EDT

WindSonic M from Gill Instruments

WindSonic™ M: The ultrasonic wind speed & direction sensor ready for the harshest environmental conditions.


bbe algae guard

Check out this cost-effective, low maintenance chlorophyll measurement system!


No Multiplexers Needed!


NEW Oxytherm Plus R NEW Oxytherm Plus P

24-bit resolution detects even the smallest changes in oxygen tension without needing to apply instrument gain.


Up to 10 reference quality parameters!


sba-5 co2 gas analyzer

Your solution for custom applications that demand accuracy, reliability and long-term stability.


Check out the ideal for online measurement of water quality for rivers, reservoirs, dams, and lakes as well as in drinking water production.

3-axis ultrasonic anemometer

Check out this 3D sonic anemometer!

advantage of small system volume

Learn more about the small system volume advantage!

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Chlorophyll fluorimeter

Handy PEA+ This easy-to-use analyzer is ideal for rapid, large-scale screening of samples in the field or greenhouse!

WindObserver™ II: The 2-axis ultrasonic high wind speed & direction sensor for the harshest environments

TARGAS-1 Portable Photosynthesis System

TARGAS-1: Ideal for teaching and basic research

Leafview 1: Perfect for teaching environments as well as high-level research facilities

WindSonic 2-axis ultrasonic anemometers from Gill Instruments

WindSonic™: For true ‘fit and forget’ wind sensing.

CO2 gas analyzer

H2O/O2 measurement & remote monitoring options available.

Suitable for liquid-phase samples with 0 – 100% oxygen concentration.

With minimal interruption from anemometer geometry?

Fluoroprobe from bbe Moldaenke

Up to 4 measurements per second displayed in real time!

From chloroplast extractions to mitochondrial suspensions!

Endless effortless research possibilities

6 reference-quality parameters & 6 wind sensor options to meet your application needs.

metpak w remote sensor

Rapid screening capability with single-button operation!

Fast & easy measurement. No sample prep!

$1,000 each to 5 deserving students!

February 27, 2020

No multiplexer needed!

Your solution for long-term soil CO2 flux measurement.

windmaster pro

Fast maximum data output rate of 32Hz comes standard.

Chlorophyll Content Measurement

Check out the affordable go-to handheld device for highly accurate measurement of relative chlorophyll content of a leaf sample.

service and technical support

Let’s get your instruments in top condition for the best research experience!

Switch on, dip in, read off!

Check out the most comprehensive advanced lab-based system for investigation of plant photosynthetic efficiency.

Need a cost-effective & reliable compact weather station?

Don’t wait too long! Our schedule is filling up quickly.

Algae Toximeter from bbe Moldaenke

Fast & sensitive toxic substances in water now!

January 28, 2020

Measuring CO2?

SBA-5 CO2 Gas Analyzer

Check out the ideal solution for measurement of CO2: Robust & reliable. Accurate & affordable.

The versatile system for teaching as well as high-level research facilities worldwide

We can’t tell our 35-year story without including you!

January 16, 2020

More data in less time.

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