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The latest on new equipment, updates on how our amazing customers are using our products, and where we will be next!

Where will we see you next?

PP Systems will be at both Botany 2017 in  Fort Worth, TX and Plant Biology 2017 in Honolulu, HI. Be sure to stop and say hello! Ask for a demonstration of our popular CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System — the most mobile leaf gas exchange and chlorophyll fluorescence system available for high-level field research!

Only interested chlorophyll fluorescence?  Check out our range of popular and affordable fluorometers from Hansatech Instruments including the Pocket PEA and  Handy PEA  — compact, highly portable fluorometers using innovative continuous-excitation technology.

Stop by and speak to our technical representative about the NEW  Oxytherm+ measurement systems for respiration and photosynthesis — the latest in a large selection of both liquid and gas phase oxygen measurement systems.

CIRAS-3 Portable Photosynthesis System

Already a customer? Then definitely stop by! Tell us how you use our instruments! Our passion is to continuously design innovative instruments for our plant/soil science researchers. Nothing is more rewarding than hearing how our instruments assist our researchers in achieving their research goals.

Are you presenting a poster or talk that references any of our instruments? Please let us know! We would love to learn more about your research and how you have put our instruments to good use!

Also learn more about our high precision, compact, non-dispersive infrared gas analyzers for accurate CO2 measurement. Ask how our innovative “Auto-Zero” technology affects warm-up, long-term stability, accuracy, and calibration.

Handy PEA
Handy PEA

June 1, 2016

PP Systems is pleased to announce the arrival of the NEW  TARGAS-1 Portable Photosynthesis System!  This new instrument will replace the TPS-2 Portable Photosynthesis System for customers that are looking for an affordable, highly accurate and field portable system for measurement of leaf gas exchange under ambient conditions.  Optional accessories and sensors are also available for measurement of soil respiration, net canopy CO2 flux, soil temperature, PAR and Temperature/PAR.

January 4, 2016

The NEW  EGM-5 Portable CO2 Gas Analyzer has arrived!  This new instrument features numerous improvements and enhancements over the previous model including:

  • Smaller, lighter console (1.5 kg)
  • Improved, state of the art look and feel
  • Longer battery life (up to 16 hours)
  • Easier and more convenient storage capability (USB Thumb Drive) with multiple data formats
  • Much improved sensor interface with new options
  • Touch Display
  • And so much more.

March 24, 2015

PP Systems is pleased to announce the arrival another new and exciting product.  The NEW  WMA-5 CO2 Gas Analyzer is now available for users that demand high precision, accuracy, reliability for continuous measurement of CO2.  Available options include sensors for measurement of O2 and H2O.  WiFi is also available!

Upcoming Events

Botany 2017
Booth# 201

June 24 – 28 | Fort Worth, TX

Plant Biology 2017
Booth# 308

#PlantBio17June 24 – 28 | Honolulu, HI

ESA 2017
Booth# 911

#ESA2017August 6 – 11 | Portland, OR

ASHS 2017
Booth# 200

#ASHS17Sept. 19 – 22 | Waikoloa, HI

What Conferences Do You Attend? We’re always looking for conferences that our researchers benefit from. Let us know. We might see you there!