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Aiding scientific research with versatile, proven technology

Our “UniSpec” range of products (UniSpec-SC and UniSpec-DC) have become the industry standard for measurement of vegetation reflectance from individual leaves to whole canopies and large transects. Our customers are made up of research scientists and students from universities and colleges, government research institutes and research laboratories throughout the world. Our instruments have been used in some of the harshest environments around the world and their track record speaks for itself.

Common Applications

  • Plant Physiology & Ecology
  • Carbon transport and water quality
  • Forestry
  • Field crop monitoring
  • Remote sensing
  • Ground truthing
  • Atmospheric science
  • Aquatic plants

UniSpec-SC                  UniSpec-DC

An interesting link for researchers interested in optical sampling: SpecNet Spectral Network.  Click here for more information on some exciting “Remote Sensing” packages offered by PP Systems.

Product Features

  • High precision spectrometers
  • Range: 310-1100 nm (VIS/NIR)
  • No recalibration required
  • Rapid measurement (< 1 second)
  • Lightweight (2.0 kg)
  • Field portable
  • Rugged aluminum enclosure with field carrying case
  • Flexible foreoptic interface
  • Powerful user interface and software
  • Unlimited data storage
  • GPS capability