Celebrating our 30th year.
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Skye Instruments has been designing and manufacturing instrumentation for environmental monitoring, plant growth and agriculture for over 30 years. For sales and support on all Skye products and to determine which instrument best suits your application, please get in contact with PP Systems to speak to a products specialist. We look forward to being of assistance.

Did You Know…

that Skye Instruments Ltd. has been designing and manufacturing light sensors since 1983? Skye has a worldwide reputation for producing sensors to a high technical specification that are robust, durable and reliable. Every sensor is individually calibrated against, and traceable to National Standards. For research applications that demand a high technical specification, Skye sensors are among the best.

4 Channel sensors from Skye Instruments

Multi-Spectral Radiometers

Skye is pleased to announce the introduction of brand new multi-channel sensors, which have been designed especially for long term installation applications such as on Flux Towers.

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Red/Far Red sensor from Skye Instruments

Red / Far Red

A 2-channel sensor with narrow band filters centered at 660nm and 730nm. A very popular filter combination important for plant phytochrome studies, and controlling plant responses in mixed lighting conditions.

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PAR Sensor from Skye Instruments


The PAR Quantum is the sensor with the ideal 100% quantum efficiency curve and is traditionally used in plant growth studies. The spectral response has been well researched and documented and is widely accepted as ‘the standard’. The PAR Quantum has an output in µmol m-2 s-1 and the PAR Energy in watts m-2.

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Lux Sensor


The response curve of this sensor matches the CIE Photopic curve (a standard for human eye response to light) and measures in Lux units. This is the preferred sensor for human and animal studies.

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Pyranometer from Skye Instruments


For measurement of total sunlight and for use in outdoor locations we offer the silicon cell Pyranometer, A very popular and cost effective sensor, which is calibrated against a WMO Secondary Standard Thermopile. Output is proportional to total solar energy in watt m-2.

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4 Channel sensor from Skye Instruments

2/4 Channel Sensors

Specialized sensors for those who need to measure reflected as well as incident light at two or four different wavelengths. These units can be used either with or without the cosine collecting adapter in place on top of the sensor.

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